Recorder Controls

  1. Input Meter: This shows the level of the audio coming into the recorder. You want to set the level of your audio so that the loudest parts are around -2dB but never hit 0dB. The highest peak since last reset is shown at the bottom of the meter. Double click the value to reset.
  2. Output Meter: This shows the level of the audio after being processed by the recorder and what is being written to disk. The highest peak since last reset is shown at the bottom of the meter. Double click the value to reset.
  3. Controls:
    • Record / Pause / Resume Button – On first click “Record” the recorder starts writing audio to disk. During recording this button will toggle to “Pause” the recording and “Resume” the recording.
    • Stop Button – This will “Stop” the recording. Once “Stop” is clicked the “Record” button will start a new recording.
    • Edit Button – This will open the current recording in the editor. This button is disabled until recording is stopped.
    • Listen – This button toggles the output audio being sent to the default audio output on and off. Important! Make sure the audio output from the recording computer is not routed to an open channel on the soundboard. This could cause a feedback loop and damage your sound system.
    • Counter – This shows the length of audio recorded to disk.
  4. Sermon Info Area:
    • Series – If the current sermon is starting a new series. Enter the name of the Series here. If the current sermon is a continuation of a series, select the Series Name that the current sermon belongs to from the dropdown list. This will populate all the sermon information with the values from the last sermon in the selected series.
    • Title (required) – Enter a title for the sermon here.
    • Speaker – Select a speaker from the list or enter a new speaker in the box.
  1. Sermon Info Area: (continued)
    • Description (required) – Enter a description for the sermon here.
    • Series Image – This allows you to set the image for the series. If an existing series is selected then this will be loaded here. Click on the image to select a new image. Right click on the image to remove the image. If the series already has a series image and you change it here it will be replaced online for all sermons in the series.
  2. AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation): This show what the AGC is doing to level out the volume of your recording. This uses a custom algorithm to smoothly adjust the volume tailored for spoken word.
  3. Waveform Display: Shows the waveform of the audio being written to disk.
  4. Toolbar (right to left):
    • Account Button – Shows the name of the account currently logged in to, or allows you to login to your account. If you click the account button it will take you to your Closer Sharing online account.
      • My Sermons: Takes you to your sermon list on
      • Account: Takes you to your account settings on
      • Logout: Logs out of your account and returns to the login screen.
      • Import and upload files: Allows the import and upload multiple audio files to your account. (This is still a work in progress but is works to get old sermons up to your account.) If you are just uploading a few do it from the create sermon button on your sermon list page.
    • Settings Button: Opens the setting box which allows you to set the input source, local sermon save location and ambience setting.