We think our video is worth a thousand words. You can watch it below, but in short, Closer Sharing is a cloud platform that makes it easy for you to record, publish, and distribute your sermons to the world.

Our goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to get your sermons online and to your congregation and extended congregation.

  • Custom sermon recorder - Our easy to use, yet powerful recording app features:
    • Add sermon information (Title, Description, Image, Service and Series) all while the sermon is being captured
    • Built-in editor to trim out unwanted silence before publishing
    • AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation)
    • Input/Output VU meters to ensure the incoming and resulting signal are optimal
    • Optional reverb effect for added ambiance
    • Sermon is uploaded directly to our cloud based platform
    • For a detailed descriptions of all controls see the Recorder Controls page.
  • Unlimited sermon storage - Your sermons have a home. We do not have any space restrictions and keep all of your sermons forever.
  • Unlimited e-mail subscribers - Your listeners can subscribe to get email alerts when a new sermon is posted.
  • Sermon list widget - We provide you with a widget that will list your sermons on your site.
  • Sermon list and player - We automatically create pages for your sermons. So, whether you list your sermons on your website or not, your listeners have a place to go listen.
  • Podcast/RSS Feed - All sermons are automatically listed in an iTunes compatible RSS feed.
  • Detailed listener statistics - In our listener stats dashboard you can see how many times sermons have been listened to.

Once you are a member, you can obtain your integration code by visiting the Web Integration Code page.

In case you need assistance with integration, we have included links to instructions for a few of the most commonly used content management systems and website builder platforms:

The full list of formats we support is too long to list here. The most common formats include mp3, wav, pcm, wma, aac, ogg, opus, m4a, flac, and aiff, among others. If you have a format not listed here and want to make sure it's supported, you can ask us here and we can let you know if it's supported by our system.

We don't currently store and distribute video. We made the decision to focus on audio because we find that most people prefer to consume sermons in audio format. This way they are not tied to a screen and can listen while doing other daily tasks.

However, if you have video files, you can upload them in instead of an audio file and our cloud platform will strip the audio and use it. It does not keep the video portion.

Absolutely! Simply choose the video file instead of an audio file when creating a new sermon and our cloud platform will automatically strip the audio from the video and use it for your sermon.

We sure do! Our listener statistics are updated every five minutes so you can see how many listens your sermon has received, and in near real-time.

You can view statistics for individual sermons or for all sermons, grouped together. The Stats Dashboard gives a quick view of all sermon listens:

  • All sermon hits for last 7 days
  • All sermon hits for last 4 weeks
  • All sermon hits for last 3 months
  • Top 10 sermons for last 4 weeks

A listen count is provided for individual sermons in the details section for each sermon. To drill down into the statistics for an individual sermon, click the "Chart" link next to the sermon's listen count. From there, you can choose different time intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually) and select a date range to see the sermon's listens plotted in a graph over time.

While email subscribers can easily subscribe and manage their own notification preferences, you may need to manage your list yourself. Once logged in, you can manage your e-mail subscribers on the subscribers page.

The subscribers page allows you to see at a glance, who is subscribed, and who has chosen to opt-out. You can add a new subscriber, or edit the notification preferences for an existing subscriber.

Only subscribers who are opted-in will receive notifications when new sermons are published.

Yes. As new sermons are published, they are instantly listed in an iTunes compatible, standard RSS feed.

Yes. With more and more listeners using mobile devices, we thoroughly ensure your data and sermons are mobile friendly. Any modern browser, regardless of device, should have no problem with our platform.

If you have an existing podcast or RSS feed of your sermons, we should be able to easily import them upon request. Simply submit a support request with the url of your podcast or RSS feed and we will get you taken care of.

If you do not already have a podcast or RSS feed, we may still be able to import your sermons. You can submit a support request and we can evaluate your exact situation.